Sunday, April 5, 2009

Organizational blogs


Blogs are the newest and latest fad. Everybody is doing it, from teenagers, to students, to professionals and even celebrities. Blogs are usually controlled by one person, blogs can include pictures, videos, etc and is somewhat of a journal. Blogs can be about one topic or several, others who view blogs can leave feed back if they wish. There are several different types of blogs.
Corporate blogs are usually private blogs, used within businesses. These blogs can be used for internal and or external purposes. They would be used internally to enrich communication in a company. They could also be used externally for marketing, branding and public relations. 60 out of the fortune 500 companies uses blogs as a means of communication with the public. Advantages of blogging with customers is providing a sense of satisfication, connection, and awarness for the customer in terms of the products. Blogging also gives customers upcoming news and trends to look forward too. The biggest advantage comes from customers interacting with other customers and getting help with some problems and concerns they may be encountering.
Although blogs are a positive means of communication, and news, it can also be harmful to a company if there is nobody maintaing the blog. People may ask questions and or have concerns and if there is nobody answering them then it will have a negative affect on the company. This is another task and role that needs to be done by the organization which costs more time and money.
The following links are examples of corporate blogs used to entice and help customers:

GoToMeeting Pros and Cons

Just like any other product Citrix, GoTo Metting has its pros and cons. Below are just a few of them:

  • reduces expenses ( travel, food, accomadations)
  • instant easy access
  • accessible from any geographic position
  • no need to pre-install software
  • instantly share any file
  • intergrated VoIP and phone conferencing
  • record meeting for future use
  • increase productivity
  • SSL and 128 bit AES encryption for confidentiality


  • different time zones may cause a problem
  • minimizes the affect of body language
  • many operating systems today come with similar products already installed

GoToMeeting Requirements


Citrix has been consistently advertising GoToMeeting as extremely easy to use and operate. According to Citrix, GoToMeeting operates on only 1 flat fee which provides unlimited meeting time, data transfering, etc. Citrix has a streamlined interface making it extremly easy for anybody to join and leave meetings with only 1 click. In terms of hardware requirements, Citrix has made this program compatible with both PC's and Mac's! As for training requirements, once you have registered for a Citrix program they send you an easy to follow manual.

GoToMeeting Users


The users for this application are the business people in an organization that have continual meetings. This can range from top executives of companies all the way down to secretaries. The program is designed to make it easier to interact with other business partners regardless their location. Citrix states that using GoToMeeting "makes it even easier to conduct sales demonstrations, virtual team meetings, remote training sessions and online marketing events."1 This application is an excellent program which can benefit many companies whether they be corporations and or small businesses. This program can also be beneficial to companies because you can make presentations, demonstrations, online training and collaborate with others. There are always important situations that need to be discussed and this program comes in very handy when several people are involved, because it facilitates location. In todays society everybody has laptops and or hand held mobile devices which can be equipped with Citrix!


Application software basics

My name is Alec and I would like to discuss the "GoToMeeting" product designed by Citrix. Citrix is said to be the leader in application virtualization as it hosts the majority of the companies from Forbes' fortune 500. In order to purchase, Citrix has set up partnerships and dealers with over 6,000 networks worldwide and generates $1.1 billion a year. Citrix was established in 1989, so with 20 years experience under its belt and employing over 4,900, Citrix is definetly a dependable and powerful source.